Maximizing Quality & Efficiency

The Originators of Pilot Plant Modular Construction

Since 1974, Xytel has redefined the standard of excellence for pilot plants across all industries. During this time, we have remained ahead of the curve with all design and fabrication trends—including modular construction.

Modular construction has long been a solution for projects that cannot be completed on-site due to an inaccessible location or inadequate infrastructure; but our decades of experience with this method have demonstrated its inherent benefits, even for projects that don’t suffer from obvious barriers to completion.

The modular approach allows us to construct units offsite, in sections, and under controlled conditions while using the same materials and adhering to the same codes and standards as if your unit was built on site.

The Advantages of Modularization Are Clear:


Modular construction allows activities to be performed in parallel and eliminates disruption due to inclement weather and other external roadblocks. This means that you can expedite the construction schedule and bring your product to market more quickly.


Our expertise in modular design and construction yields a higher level of productivity than what is typically seen in the field. By moving labor hours to Xytel’s facility, you can significantly reduce the peak manpower required at your site.


Our team will work with you to develop and successfully execute a Validation Plan for your fully automated pilot plant. Full checkout, including the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Installation Qualification (IQ) test, and more are performed upon completion, meaning you can count on greater reliability when your plant is installed on site.


Modular construction minimizes facility shutdowns, thus maximizing your production time. In addition, the design of reactor and other systems can be easily standardized across your company.


Since Xytel is completely accountable for safety at our own facility, you are absolved from all responsibility in this area. And of course, there’s no impact on the safety performance of your site. Performing work at grade is inherently safer.